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Dundee SNP politicians have challenged MP Jim McGovern on Labour’s cuts commission plans which have already drawn enthusiastic support from the Tories.

Dundee City West MSP Joe FitzPatrick said: ”Not only are Labour in bed with the Tories in the Referendum ‘No’ campaign, their leader Johann Lamont’s  recent abandoning of the commitments she and her party stood on at each of the last two elections by announcing a Cuts Commission was warmly welcomed by Conservatives across the UK,

“Johann Lamont has adopted the Tory mantra of a ‘something for nothing’ culture, Ed Miliband has borrowed the Tory ‘One Nation’ slogan and both Labour and Tory party policies are now almost indistinguishable from each other by proposed the ending of some of the crowning achievements of devolution such as free personal care, free prescriptions, free travel for over 60s.

“Inexplicably, Jim McGovern and the Labour Party would prefer to see Tory-led Westminster Governments impose their cuts on Scotland rather than have the Scottish Parliament in control of our own resources as an independent country.”

Dundee Housing Convenor, SNP Councillor Jimmy Black said: “I am opposed to the huge welfare cuts coming down the line from Westminster. The Tories’ bedroom tax reminds us once again that they really are the nasty party, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.


“It is astonishing that the Labour Party would apparently prefer a Westminster Government to continue to drive their cuts agenda rather than have the Scottish Parliament making decisions for Scotland over welfare and universal benefits.


“Labour’s recent announcement that they will end some or all of these good things which we in Scotland have achieved, show that they are true bedfellows of the Tories.”